What You Should Know About the Syrian Civilian Abuse

Unless you live in cave somewhere in an island, you must have heard about the armed conflict in Syria. Countries like the United States and Russia have tried to intervene but have done very little to improve the state of human rights in the country of Syria. The humanitarian crisis has escalated to a point where the civilians are refugees in their country. Click  website to learn more about Syrian Civilian Abuse. There is a lot of displacement that has happened and the death toll is so high.
About 470,000 people have died due to the armed conflict in Syria. The situation has caused these people to seek refuge elsewhere and therefore crossing their borders to other countries abroad. The sad thing is that most of these people are denied humanitarian assistance and are therefore living in the worst conditions possible.

Since the year 2011, about 177,000 people have been detained. The government is at the forefront of these detentions, the detainees are tortured and most of them die. All this violence was spread by the Islamic terror groups who kidnap and torture civilians. Some other armed groups against the government are also part of this and they have attacked civilians and kidnapped them. Humanitarian aid has been blocked so that these refugees don't get any help.

The inquiry into this crisis found out that the government used chemicals is one of the attacks in 2015. The military units that were involved especially through the flights were also identified but the commanders' names withheld because the Syrian government refused to talk about it.To get more info, click check it out! The inquiry also found out that that the Islamic terror groups used sulfur gas in their attack on the area besieged by the armed groups against the government. 

It is also central to keep in mind that Syria civilian abuse has persisted over a period of time and it has been an experience like no other. There were airstrikes attacks that were and have been witnessed over a period of time. It is important to note that the death toll went down to a significant number due to the fact that there were interventions in place. Another crucial aspect to contemplate on is that airstrikes attacks from Syria and other involved parties went on after a while and it did not do any good to the Syrians. The attacks damaged or destroyed hospitals, market places as well as schools and also led to the death of children. Learn more from   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civilian_Abuse.