With the Right Think Tanks, Syria Civilian Abuse Can Be a Thing of the past 

Syrian civilians are paying a heavy price as the airstrike escalate more so in areas controlled by the Islamic State. There has been an outcry for the air forces carrying operations in the country to seize the strikes so as to minimize casualties. The Syrian situation is becoming a tougher day in day out, more women and children continue to suffer. To learn more about  Syrian Civilian Abuse, click view here. Civilians in the areas affected are being battered by the ever-rising air strikes from Russian, Syrian and U.S coalition forces. Besides, the Syrian civilian is suffering from summary executions and indiscriminate shelling by the IS militants. Unfortunately, there is very scant attention which is being paid by the outside world to this situation which calls for immediate attention; the world may be just watching as Syrians sink deeper into predicaments.

Does it mean that Syria case cannot be solved? The fact is, there must be away out. Syria civilian abuse can be minimized or totally restricted. They are human just like any other and the country is suffering. This piece outlines a sound approach which can be used to heal ailing Syria and its citizens.
Mark Dubowitz, for instance, has the right skills and experience to handle the Syrian case; he has the most appropriate track record in handling such delicate issues. He is a founding lawyer of FDD-Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-partisan policy institute based in Washington DC.  This foundation-FDD was formed shortly September 11th, 2001 with the main focus of fighting against Islamic terrorism and national security. Dubowitz joined FDD two years later that is the year 2003. To get more info, click here! His initial interest was to help the FDD manage organization's finances but he later focused his interest in the Middle East and Iran. Considering the sensitivity of the Syrian case, it is wise to give the task to the right think tank who has managed to handle various sanctions such as that of Iran. He combined his background in business and finance to back his research in innovative financial penalties. 

There is no reason to watch as the Syrian civilian suffers, as Syria as the country sink into the ocean of poverty.  It can be done and in this case, when the right minds get involved, with non-partisans who are fully committed to coming up with a long lasting solution, Syria can be a free state; citizens can start a life free of abuses and gain back their dignity. Learn more from   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civilian_Abuse.