How Syria Sanctions Prevent Civilian Abuse

Since a long time ago, economic sanctions have been used as a foreign policy tool. There are different kinds of sanctions apart from economic sanctions, and these include diplomatic sanctions, arms restrictions, cultural sanctions and travel restrictions. Developed economies are the main users of sanctions, and they seek to assert their influence on the world stage without the use of military interventions and Syria is one of the countries that has been experiencing wars. To get more info, click this product. Some of the goals behind the use of sanctions include promotion and protection of basic human rights, nuclear non-proliferation, counternarcotics, and political goals. Although sanctions are intended to serve as a peaceful method rather than military action, their use is always with controversy where there can be civilian abuse. 

Those countries that have fallen victim to economic sanctions like Syria have children who face malnutrition and widespread suffering because there is lack of medical supplies and there is also a shortage of clean water. Diplomats, academicians, and activists of these countries have questioned the ethical cost of these sanctions, and this has led to widespread caution regarding the future utilization of these comprehensive measures to curb civilian abuse. Economic sanctions have not been successful in enhancing the foreign policy because the target country such as Syria and state changes their behavior. Data has also shown that if sanctions are in place for a long time, they are less likely to be effective. 

However, sanctions have not been completely ineffective. There are some measures that have proved to be successful in peacefully resolving some high-stakes political problems. Read more about  Syrian Civilian Abuse  at  Mark Dubowitz of FDD. Countries are no longer needed to be self-sufficient because it is a globalized world. This means that Syria as a country can still profit from the wealth of various trade platforms. When one market closes as a result of restrictions, globalization means that the nation targeted can shift its focus to new markets and other trading partners. There is also the human rights or civilian abuse issue that is associated with economic sanctions. 

History has proved that measures which are unintended usually create widespread suffering among the populace of a country. Even when sanctions are designed to discourage the violations of human rights, their severe humanitarian consequence can lead to further civilian abuse to the vulnerable people they initially set out to protect or cover. Many policymakers and analysts have attempted to reduce the humanitarian impact of the sanctions by concentrating on the targeted measures. With trade sanctions and economic sanctions, there has been prolonged food insecurity in some of the targeted nations like Syria case. Policymakers, therefore, need to be knowledgeable of the measures and make sure that they are flexible and that they are designed to change the behavior of the country and not to harm the inhabitants. Learn more from